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Welcome to Denver’s Best Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Welcome. This site is currently under construction. We are building a place for you to explore three of Denver’s Best Dispensaries. When the site is completed, you will have access to up-to-date information, special offers, extensive strain menus, resources, galleries, and so much more! In the mean time, feel free to browse around and check out some of our Links. Trust Us, You’ll Feel Better.

Alameda Wellness Center, Health Depot, and Sticky Buds were created with the patient in mind. At any of these three convenient locations, you can access medical marijuana in a discreet and professional setting. We are always trying to create a comfortable place for our patients to access resources and information about medical marijuana and its useful benefits. If you have any questions, feel free to navigate to our Contact page.

Latest blog posts

  • Using cannabis for therapeutic purposes does not increase its consumption among adolescents - LEGALIZATION and the spread of cannabis for medical use did not increase the consumption of marijuana for recreational purposes among adolescents. To support a study led by Columbia University in New York, which dismantles one of the main arguments of opponents of the medical use of cannabis. The results have been published in Addiction. In […]
  • Cannabis for medical use in Italy - Cannabis for medical use in Italy: how therapeutic cannabis works or medical marijuana. Use, prescription, prescription and where to find it. Attention: legal cannabis In Italy cannabis from the medical point of view is legal since 2007, when the Minister of Health Livia Turco recognized with a decree the therapeutic use of the cannabinoid delta-9-THC. […]
  • Medical cannabis: it’s a boom in biotechnology investments - As the legalization of medical marijuana spreads, the appetite for investment in cannabis biotechnology continues to grow. This is the largest sector of the legal cannabis market, which is already worth billions of dollars . Researchers continue to discover new ways in which cannabinoids , compounds found in cannabis, can be used as medicines . […]
  • Therapeutic cannabis: the one produced in Italy arrives in pharmacies - Since 2006, doctors can prescribe cannabis for therapeutic use. So far the product had been imported from Holland, but now the Cannabis FM-2, produced in Italy, is coming on the market. But what does it change compared to before? The quality. Here’s all there is to know. From the beginning of January you can find […]
  • Medical cannabis, which uses marijuana are permitted by law - Nausea, vomiting, appetite, but also against chronic pain : these are some of the uses of cannabis in medicine . The medical cannabis is legal , what you need for a therapeutic use comes from a female plant of cannabis, this uses the inflorescences. The most useful active ingredients for pharmacological use are THC and […]
  • Legislative of Florida must approve law that allows smoking marijuana - Miami – The Florida Congress has until mid-March to amend a law that allows smoking medical marijuana and thus fully comply with the provisions of a constitutional amendment that approved its therapeutic use in 2016. Governor Ron DeSantis announced that otherwise he will withdraw an appeal made by the state, in the hands of his predecessor Rick Scott , of a court […]
  • About one thousand patients are certified to be treated with medicinal cannabis - The Department of Health also issued 35 licenses for authorized companions The Department of Health announced the certification of 1,096 people so they can receive medical cannabis treatment , as well as permits for 35 authorized companions, during the PuertoCann.Biz convention held last week at the Wyndham Rio Mar in Rio Grande .  ” These people received a medical evaluation, they were registered in our portal […]
  • Medical marijuana: how does it benefit patients with serious diseases? - It would benefit patients with cancer, epilepsy, Parkinson’s and other serious diseases. But its use is not recent, it dates back thousands of years The medicinal use of marijuana seeks to reduce symptoms of diseases using fatty extracts of the plant (marijuana oil) or the active ingredients extracted from the leaf and purified. It is proven that it can reduce chronic […]
  • 10 diseases for which medical marijuana could be beneficial - (CNN) – Dr.  Sue Sisley  noticed an unexpected trend among her patients. The psychiatrist works with  veterans who struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder . Many do not feel well with all the medications they take to manage anxiety, insomnia, depression and flashbacks . “There are a few drugs on the market that work, and even those may be inadequate,” Sisley said. “They end up taking […]
  • Medicinal Cannabis - If you came to this page, you have probably heard about the term medical marijuana, a generic term and another controversial that is given to the use of the physical and chemical components of the Cannabis plant, with the intention of alleviating some disease. Unfortunately to date there are still myths about this plant and this […]


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